Three Poems

Jaime de Angulo

fishes in the sky translucent i left my home below and lost my

               way pursuing that bird of many colors

                              fishes in the sky


                     in the sky my home below

           fishes lost my home pursuing many colors

  translucent in the sky of many colors below my home









you who walk the trail in broad daylight

contemptuous and haughty



you who unseen follow people on the trail

curious and shy


which of you

last night

uttered that long cry

so full of longing


                     (berkeley 27 feb '50)





Cat by the fire, why do you purr ?
Fire in the hearth, why do you burn ?
Fire in my heart, will you never learn
to turn to ashes.




Kater Murr's Press, Piraeus Series, 2000. 
Copyright - Gui Mayo, 2000.
These poems are from the Jaime de Angulo Papers,
Department of Special Collections, University Research Library, UCLA, and reproduced with the Library's permission.
Drawing from Indian Tales by Jaime de Angulo, copyright 1953 by Hill and Wang. Used with permission of publisher, Heyday Books, Berkeley, California.