Paul Buck


slacken provided the only explanation 
either side of her face feel of life
reached a point where anyone wandering in
i opened it and came across
being led by the events
laughing but her wanting to laugh again
feeling so awful again i told her
to sign this morning
heard the sound of my heart burning inside

written with Lush Life (composer: Billy Strayhorn) on Out of this world (Affinity 1984) by Chris Connor (vocal), Ronnie Ordich (flute), Don Burns (accordion), Joe Cinderella (guitar), Vinnie Burke (bass), Art Mardigan (drums). NYC - August 21, 1954.

their beautiful guest places
as i could with the bird
faces are things i'm sure of
any moment i might lose my balance
gestures becoming ludicrously wild
then more than anything else you
tempt me to madness at night
frightened and arousal to the limit
entrance accompanied by shouting
i was wrong again i was wrong
the clouds and struggling getting
words in open sunlight
and only last year they ate in Paris
meant her face revealed her anguish
pushed her with all my might in spite
of the previous night exhausted me

written with Lush Life on A Song for You (Phontastic 1978) by Karin Krog (vocal), Bengt Hallberg (piano). Stockholm - July 19, 1977.

level her laugh on the axis 
her dead and earlier a front
even reason
tone of room considered through the day twelve
and man frightened tragedy in 
making just love don't another spring
start fuel infatuated
head again
lead what seemed so sure
with no
her doll 
way of
the flesh while she had in disgust
the matter outraged
even about
their rush least room
in the enjoying
upwards strange you doubt all
lonely too tone these slowly killed
space make so make rest laugh
not speak to remember
slender eluded from i'll forget you
surrounded hardly with possible
i will dressed abruptly think his speaking
excitement the straight thought the reading struck
moment centres close
once a shadow
shy stretched city darkness empty little flaming closer
such possibilities have inclined i assert

written with Lush Life on Sheila (Steeplechase 1978) by Sheila Jordan (vocal), Arild Andersen (bass). Oslo - August 27, 1977.


Kater Murr's Press, Piraeus Series, 2000. 
Copyright - Paul Buck, 2000.
Drawing by David Barton; copyright - David Barton, 2000