Three poems

Franco Beltrametti










MESSAGE. From the lunatic people to whom it may concern.

- - unusual relations
are usual
for unusual people
(what he means, what he means)
- - from A to Z
from + to -
from light to dark
(what you mean, what you mean)
- - two worlds
back & forth from the sound
: a key



                                   I want air in the evening & wine &
                                   chestnuts with friends.
                                                        - - Rocco Scotellaro

"My story tonight is that
the world is all the same
no borderlines of the earth
no borderlines of the mind.
Mountains / rivers / people
pass thru.
Body / speech / mind.
Bums are travellers, don't stay too long.
Today we've seen
the meadows greener & greener.
Magnolias almond plum peach trees blooming.
Highways are an imperfect
- - useless - -
attempt. All over California
spring dissolves asphalt & concrete

for Stefan









A blown down
pine branch -
master Fo Yin & Su Tung Po
wrote the fallen-down-pine-branch
2 o'clock night
North Vhorro Street
the kitchen windowglass
                         went in a thousand pieces.
More air & wind
come in.

if this isn't
the gateless gate
then it is a mosquito
cruising in a Rolls Royce
up & down 10,000 BC Avenue
listening to Jim Hendrix
Rainbow Bridge






Kater Murr's Press, Piraeus Series, 2004. 
 Poems and image copyright - the heirs to the literary estate of Franco
Beltrametti, 2004. Cover image first published in Franco Beltrametti's
Air Mail Postcards, Vehicle Editions, NY, 1979.