Two Poems

Alyson Torns








Back in the land of light come back to reflect on what's gone sum of it all camera in a sick bag releasing a breath what needs to remain inside and what needs to be said red writing on a wall running from the safety into the sky the light the love the losses acknowledge the parts start again frequencies blurred waves break make new falling from the sky a word another word memory dissolves like sugar in coffee drunk pissed out the system grown up walked round like a robot in your shoes leaving excess baggage trip for space tip for space re-directing traffic re-rooting words down page to nowhere confront the stone let it speak

little moments of light we appear to be lost appear to be disappearing language lost like days in December brightness returning debating the now surge of energy renewal recharging batteries time ticks by like snow window door society struggling children blown up on a bus train crash a mobile goes off untie your shoe laces kick off your shoes go bare foot pedestrians angels descend on the world.



He turned

the gun

on himself

left a child




to be short

and grey


not to speak



Kater Murr's Press, Piraeus Series, 2003. 
Poems copyright - Alyson Torns, 2003.
Cover art by David Miller;
copyright - David Miller, 2003.