Labyrinth / Wire Pass / Moraine

Linda Bryant





flood waters                 fifty feet high

carrying debris             pulsating through stone

sliding                          around the helix

deep in the shell           of a mollusk shape

nature repeats              forms that succeed

tracing the path            of the moving body

blue parabola               in silken folds

beautiful                       until the next surge




                      Wire Pass

holding  onto tree roots         I slide down                  

into the narrow slot               out of the heat    

feet slipping                          on round rocks

sounds reverberate                I realize   

I would hear                          an animal

coming or going                     for a long time

there are signs                        flood and death

raven wings                            startle me

a green seep                          oozes overhead





carried and deposited               on a large scale

never free from the work           polishing stone

unleashed from the lap              of the mountain

time is not measured by             the distance traveled

the velocity of rock                   grinding to a halt






Kater Murr's Press, Piraeus Series, 2006. 
Poems and artwork copyright © Linda Bryant, 2006